Saturday, 13 April 2013

Armour and Shield for Monster Manual Men (and Women, Stan)

The monster manual helpfully provides a list of chances that various classes will have magic items. Unhelpfully, the categories used do not match up with the random tables in the DMG, making a random encounter with humans one of the most tiresome things that can happen to a DM playing wilderness encounters by-the-book. The problem categories are "armour" and "shield".

Here's those two classes of items split into groups using the frequencies from the DMG and without the cursed items.

For DMG-based campaigns just roll on the following table. For UA-based games, roll 1d6 and on 1-3, use this table and on 4-6 use the second table.

1-11Leather +1
12-21Plate +1
22-30Plate +2
31-39Ring +1
40-48Studded +1
49-55Chain +1
56-62Scale +1
63-68Chain +2
69-74Scale +2
75-80Splint +1
81-84Plate +3
85-88Splint +2
89-91Chain +3
92-94Plate +4
95-97Splint +3
98Plate +5
99Plate of Etherealness
00Splint +4

d%UA Armour
1-10Leather +2
11-18Field plate, +1
19-25Bronze plate +1
26-32Elfin chain +1
33-39Field plate, +2
40-46Full plate, +1
47-52Leather +3
53-58Studded, +2
59-63Bronze plate +2
64-68Elfin chain +2
69-73Full plate, +2
74-78Ring, +2
79-81Elfin chain +3
82-84Field plate, +3
85-87Full plate, +3
88-89Chain +4
90-91Elfin chain +4
92-93Field plate, +4
94-95Full plate, +4
96-97Scale, +3
99Elfin chain +5
00Field plate +5

The first table is for plain DMG shields, and the second is a combined table for using with Unearthed Arcana, so you don't roll to see which table to use, you just use one or the other.

1-41Shield +1
42-64Shield +2
65-82Shield +3
83-91Shield +4
92-96Shield +5
97-100Shield, large; +1, +4 Vs Missiles

d%UA Shield
1-26Shield +1
27-41Shield +2
42-53Shield +3
54-59Shield +4
60-62Shield +5
63-65Shield, large; +1, +4 Vs Missiles
66-83Buckler, +1
84-95Buckler, +2
96-100Buckler, +3

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