Friday, 24 May 2013

NPC: Aleister Crowley

S: 11
I: 19
W: 14
Cn: 13
D: 10
Ch: 18

Class: 0-level
Hp: 4

Magic Resistance: 200%
Psionics: Immune to all psionic effects.
Alignment: CG

Crowley controls those around him by sheer force of will and lives to baffle the Lawful and to lead the ignorant into illumination, or at least into the better pubs.

Crowley's favourite tactic is lying. His charisma is such that many people never realise how rarely he speaks the truth and a wildly diverse impression of him is left behind in his many haunts. He controls a vast network of acolytes who he regards as fools of the highest order; only those that see through his fa├žade and laugh at the grand titles he assumes earn his respect.

Crowley owns a Deck of Many Things of his own devising (which has no effect on him, of course), which may be the subject of a future post.

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