Saturday, 8 June 2013

Leisure Games

Get the bus to Aldershot here
Went to Leisure Games in Finchley today for the first time in about 24 years. Won't be going back.

Useless staff, bad layout (really, you stack the shelves by publisher? Did you not know that people have the Internet at home now?) and actually quite small and cramped, especially when the useless staff are standing about in the middle of the narrow space between the wall and the centre shelf unit talking non-stop to their mates about the game they played last week while customers squeeze past them and mutter to each other that "it must be a self-service shop".

Also: appears to be located in a slum, which isn't their fault but it is not a nice place even in broad summer daylight.


  1. Ouch! Never been myself, but have been meaning to go for ages. They sponsor a convention in London as well, I think. Looks like an interesting facebook page as well, and their internet shop seems pretty good!

    1. To add insult to injury, the game I went for was out of stock too...

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