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Magic Items: The Wolf Banes

The Wolf Banes

The Wolf Banes are a set of enchanted weapons and armour specifically for combating wolves: a spear, a shield, a scimitar, and a shortbow make up the full set:


A scimitar +1, +2 Vs wolves. Does double damage (i.e., (1d8 x2)+2) against all wolf types and in addition, if wielded by a fighting class, allows one attack per level as if the wolves were <1HD.
xp: 800
gp: 5000


A 7' spear +1, +2 Vs wolves; includes a cross-bar like a boar-spear. Does double damage against all wolf types and in addition, if maximum damage is rolled against a wolf, the creature must make a save Vs death or expire instantly. May be set against a charge, possibly resulting in an additional doubling of damage so that against a warg or winter-wolf it would do (1d8 x4)+2 damage.
xp: 750
gp: 4000


A shortbow +1, +2 Vs wolves. Does double damage against all wolf types and in addition, if wielded by a fighter, each arrow acts (if wished) as a flame arrow doing an additional +1 damage on striking. Unless the struck wolf makes a save at 16+ (cloth Vs magical fire), it will catch fire for 1d4 rounds, doing 1d4 damage each round (1d4+1 for winter-wolves). The wolf struck must make a morale check at -50%, and all wolves within 1" must make normal checks.
xp: 750
gp: 4500


A medium shield +1, +3 Vs wolves. Causes attempts by wolves to overbear the user to fail automatically. Additionally, winter-wolf breath attack damage is halved or totally negated if the save is made, unless the user is surprised.
xp: 800
gp: 3500


The Wolf Banes set will attract a sale bonus of +10% per item over the first, so a complete set will have a sale value of 22100. However, the items are unique and derive from an ancient tribal hero who fought wolves. That tribe may still exist and may track down the current owner of any of these items. What happens then is up to the DM.

For these items, Yeth Hounds are not wolves, however werewolves are, even in human form.

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