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Magic Item: The Sword "Voracious"

The Sword “Voracious”

A +3 longsword, Lawful Good, INT 12 EGO 13

Primary power

When this weapon makes a successful to-hit score damage is rolled as normal and then the player must make another to-hit roll against any enemy in melee range. If there is a choice of targets, randomly select one. There is no requirement for each attack to be against a different foe and this process continues until there are no living opponents within reach or the sword has missed as often as its bearer has attacks per round.

Each attack takes but 1/6 of a segment

This power is limited in several ways. Firstly, it will not operate against Good opponents, although the sword will not object to being used normally against such.

Secondly, surrendering enemies may not be attacked unless they are high-level (8+) chaotic NPCs or monsters with a racial alignment which includes chaos. Not only will the power not operate, but the sword will object to such usage.

The power will operate against enemies that simply turn to run.

Finally, the power and sword treat non-combatants in the same way as it treats surrendering enemies.

Secondary power - The Dying Wish

A player may use the sword to make a wish. The wish must be specifically concerned with the situation the player’s character is in, and specifically about the sword rather than the character. It may not alter the past. It may be to allow a last successful attack but, beyond perhaps asking for maximum damage, it may not wish for instant kills or similar. It may not be used to make any sort of ranged attack out of line of sight of the character.

If the wish is granted, the soul of the character begins its journey to the afterlife immediately. The only magic capable of reversing this process is another wish, and a consequence of that will be that the dying wish will be undone in some fashion. Thus, if it was used to finally kill a demon prince, then some other demon prince will take up the dead one’s realms and seek vengeance on the mortal who struck the blow against the Abyss.

The only other limitation on the dying wish is that the character must not already be dead when it is made (e.g., not at -10 if using the bleeding rules). The character may be fully healthy, in fact.

Tertiary powers

Sword of Light

The sword emits a light similar to other magical blade, but its brightness and radius alter in combat. When drawn, the sword illuminates an radius of 1“ to the level of a flaming torch.

On initiative being rolled, this increases in brightness so that it the illumination has a radius of 1“ per level of the user, with a consequent increase of brightness so that by 8th level, the light within 1” of the wielder is so bright that creatures which receive a penalty to fight in daylight do so within it. The radius of this “daylight” area also spreads at 1“ per level above 7th so that when used by a 12th level fighter it will illuminate a 12” radius with a 5“ core of pseudo-daylight.

The light is not daylight, however, and will not for example cause damage to vampires.

Scatter Thine Enemies

Any creature within any area illuminated by the sword must save versus fear when they enter that area (or it envelops them) if they are aligned to Evil or Chaos. Chaotic Evil saves at -3. Failure indicates an inability to enter the light without collapsing in fear and trembling.

Whether successful or not the result of this roll applies for the creature for a whole day.

Blind creatures are not immune to this power.

Bulwark Thine Allies

Any allied creature within the light never checks morale.


The sword can not communicate with its owner in any way, although it effectively has permanent know alignment and esp powers which allow it to judge situations.

As such, it will not cause damage to innocents who simply touch it as is normal for swords with Ego scores. Alignment and intent will be taken into consideration.


The sword is of divine nature, and is indestructible in the normal course of things. It has surfaced on the PMP a few times, wielded by The Silver Arm, as well as by the mortals U-thur and his son Ar-thur.

Since the sword can not communicate, it has been called by many names, but its true name translates as "Voracious"

Xp: 8,000
Gp: 20,000

Art: Jim Fitzpatrick

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