Friday, 27 March 2015

Spell: Khel al'Shem's Ultimate Contraint

Art: Mauro Bonaventura

Khel al'Shem's Ultimate Constraint (Alteration-Evocation)
Level: 7
Components: V, S, M
Range: ½"/level
Casting time: 7 segments
Duration: 2-4 rounds/special
Saving throw: special
Area of Effect: 1" diameter sphere maximum.

Explanation/Description: This spell causes a sphere of force to be created, centred and sized such that it is big enough to contain the target. The target must be a single object or creature not more than 1" across its largest portion. Other objects may be caught up due to being in close proximity but anything other than the target will not suffer any effects from it and the sphere will pass through them with no ill effects.

Immediately on appearing, the sphere contracts to a singularity, crushing the target and any possessions literally to nothing. The creature or object may attempt to save—objects save against crushing blow, and creatures with strength to-hit bonuses may apply them to their save (against spells). Each save holds the sphere at bay for a round. If the target can make enough saves to outlast the rolled duration of the spell then they/it will be unharmed. If the target has magic resistance it is checked once at the start of the spell's effect only.

The material component is a small brass vice (costing 4gp from an expert instrument maker or similar) which is used up only if the target succeeds in resisting the spell (or it is negated in any other way, such as a dispel magic spell) and a hard-boiled egg which is crushed in the vice.

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