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The Missing Pantheon

Kirby's "God"
Jehovah (God of the High Places and Wilderness)

Greater God

Armour Class: -6
Move: Infinite
Hit Points: 400
No of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attack: 2-200 (2d10 x 10)
Special Attacks: Disease, Curse, Destruction
Special Defenses: +4 or better, or cold iron to hit
Magical Resistance: 130%
Size: M (5" 6") to L (300')
Alignment: LN
Worshipper's Alignment: Any
Symbol: 6-pointed Star
Plane: Arcadia
Cleric/Druid: 30th level cleric
Fighter: nil
Magic User/Illusionist: 20th level Illusionist
Thief/Assassin: nil
Monk/Bard: 23rd lv Bard
Psionic Ability: I

S: 20 I: 23 W: 24 D: 20 C: 25 Ch: 25

This deity can appear in any form but, although he has been known to take the appearance of a normal man in a market place, he is more routinely encountered in some abstract form, often with a firey aspect such as a burning bush or a pillar of flame.

At will, he can strike a land (up to 40,000 sq miles) with a disease, individuals with a curse, or destroy by fire an area up to two miles across, doing 2-200 damage to each living thing in that area (roll separately for important individuals). All these effects are at the 30th level of ability. Since he can be anywhere instantly, there is no practical need for a range on these effects; Jehovah simply moves there and causes the effect.

Jehovah is served by seven solars (Michael, Gabriel, Rapheal, Uriel, Raguel, Saraqael, and Remiel) and a host of planetars and devas. An eighth solar (Satan) quit Jehovah's service after losing faith in the latter's sense of justice but freedom has since gone to his head and he has become a terrible being (see below).

Jehovah's greatest enemies are the Babylonian and Egyptian pantheons, both of whom claim that Jehovah is a renegade from their own domains.

Unusually for a deity, Jehovah is vulnerable to cold iron and is said to be powerless against those using it.

Asherah (Goddess of Nature)

Lesser Goddess

Armour Class: 0
Move: 48"/48"//48"
Hit Points: 100
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/attack: 1-10
Special Attacks: energy drain

Special Defenses: Unharmed by natural materials
Magical Resistance: 80%
Size: M (5'1")
Alignment: N
Worshipper's Alignment: Any woman, any neutral man
Symbol: Walnut Tree
Plane: Astral
Cleric/Druid: 24th level druid
Fighter: nil
Magic User/Illusionist: 12th level Magic User / 14th level Illusionist
Thief/Assassin: nil
Monk/Bard: Nil
Psionic Ability: II

S: 18/00 I: 20 W: 24 D: 25 C: 25 Ch: 22

Asherah was once Jehovah's wife but they grew apart and eventually she was cast out of his temples and celestial realm as he demanded more and more of his worshipper's attention (he is a jealous god) until there was no space for his wife.

Some say she instigated the rebellion of Satan but withdrew her support when she saw the effect it had on the Fallen One; others that she is still in league with him, working to undermine Jehovah in revenge for spurning her. In either case, what she desires most of all is to be taken back and restored to her position as Queen of Heaven. She wanders the Astral plane looking for some way to advance this cause and will generally be uninterested in other issues, although she will usually aid women who call on her, especially in the fields of fertility and childbirth. Such aid (whether to women or otherwise) will come with strings attached and in particular she will demand payment in worship. If this is freely given, she will be an enthusiastic patron within the bounds of her alignment.

No attack based on natural materials will harm her - wood, flint, iron, silver, fire, most animal and monster acids, water, lightning etc. Many compounds, however, will and even a normal steel or bronze sword will harm her physical form (assuming steel and bronze do not occur naturally in whichever world she is manifesting in at the time).

A touch/blow from Asherah's hand will either drain a level or restore one lost one.

Satan (God of Unrestrained Power)


Armour Class: -6
Move: 18"/40"//18"
Hit Points: 216
No. of Attacks: 3
Damage/attack: By weapon (+12)
Special Attacks: Suggestion

Special Defenses: +3 or better to hit
Magical Resistance: 95%
Size: L (60')
Alignment: LE
Worshipper's Alignment: LN, LE, NE
Symbol: 5-pointed star
Plane: Hell
Cleric/Druid: 16th level cleric
Fighter: Attacks as 20th level fighter
Magic User/Illusionist: 20th level Magic User / 20th level Illusionist
Thief/Assassin: 25th level thief/18th level assassin
Monk/Bard: Nil
Psionic Ability: I

S: 24 I: 20 W: 21 D: 23 C: 22 Ch: 22/-3

Satan is the nominal ruler of the Nine Hells but is currently unable to act physically. Long ago, those devas and planetars who joined his rebellion realised that the power to act independently had gone to his head and they faced the choice of serving in Heaven or serving in Hell. So rebellion begat rebellion and a plot was formed to trap Satan in the lowest level of Hell where his triple-faced form is encased in ice.

He is still able to receive worship, and to roam the astral plane and even manifest on the prime material plane, Satan is incapable of acting at all on his ostensible home plane and Asmodeus and the other Arch Dukes make sure that this remains the case.

Every word Satan utters is a suggestion spell and only careful magical warding will allow anyone to deal with him honestly or see his true form (in which case CHA is -3).

Despite everything else, he is proud of what Hell hath wrought and is more interested in spreading his vision of rule by the powerful and deserving than in breaking free of his prison - at least for now. If he does break free, he will be armed with three two-handed swords of the type used by Solars.

Satan can create any non-unique item desired, and any amount of gold, silver etc. Such things never last more than a month (and often a lot less, at his option) before dissolving into ash. Likewise, he can grant any wish but no matter what the wording it will eventually bite the wisher, perhaps decades later.

All Satan's actions will work towards elevating the strong and cruel and crushing the weak or kind (not that he sees any difference in these last two).

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