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Jerimiah Stonecrack and the Diamond Dwarves

Jerimiah isn't exactly a 'looker'.

1 NPC: Jerimiah Stonecrack - Diamond Dwarf Cleric

Race Mountain Dwarf
Class Cleric 9, Thief 11
Alignment LN
Age 296 (Old)
Ht 3’9“
Psi Ability 182
Psi Strength 91
Attack/Defense A-E/F,I
hp 39 (78/2)
Spells 7/6/4/4/1
Str 15  
Int 19 100% MR to 1st level illusion/phantasim
Wis 19 100% MR to cause fear, etc. (see D&DG).
Con 13  
Dex 13  
Cha 18 (17 to non-dwarves)  
Com 4 (3)  

1.1 Clerical Abilities

If encountered outside of his home city, Jerimiah will be prepared with normal clerical spells. The list below is a sample but he will of course prepare for specific situations as needed. His normal role is as a member of a diplomatic party where he can pretend to be a minor clerk or functionary, too old to be of much use but valued for his experience and nothing else. His “cane” is a powerful weapon.

Within the dwarf clan, Jerimiah is a very important person indeed and will normally have special spells memorised when at home which deal with aspects of creating new dwarves and maintaining the birth pots. These spells are not useful in combat or normal role-playing situations and are left to the DM to fill in if needed. The most critical spell (mould dwarf) is 5th level and this is a primary reason why Jerimiah rarely leaves the city - he’s just too valuable.

Jerimiah is utterly ruthless in his defense of his home and his kin.

1.1.1 Standard spells

  1. 1st level
    1. Combine
    2. Cure Light Wounds
    3. Detect Evil
    4. Endure Cold
    5. Penetrate disguise
    6. Protection from Evil
    7. Sanctuary
  2. 2nd level
    1. Aid
    2. Find Traps
    3. Hold Person
    4. Messenger
    5. Spiritual Hammer
    6. Snake charm
  3. 3rd level
    1. Cure Disease
    2. Dispel Magic
    3. Feign Death
    4. Speak with Dead
  4. 4th level
    1. Exorcise
    2. Cloak of Fear
    3. Cure Serious Wounds
    4. Giant Insect
  5. 5th level
    1. Cause Critical Wounds

1.2 Thief Abilities

Backstab x4 damage
PP 90%
OL 77%
FT 85%
MS 86%
HiS 70%
HN 35%
CW 89.1
RL 50%

1.3 Magic items

1.3.1 The Cane

Jerimiah’s cane is the unique rod of kill or cure. With 50 charges, the rod attacks as a +1 bo stick. However, each touch of the rod - not necessarily in combat - can cause or cure 1d8 hp of damage per charge expended, to a maximum of 3 charges per touch. Expending 4 charges will cast cure or cause disease, deafness, or blindness as the user chooses. All effects are at 11th level for the purposes of magic resistance etc. It can be recharged and Jerimiah will make sure it is fully charged before leaving on any external mission. Otherwise, assume it has 38+1d12 charges.

Inspection of the cane by any dwarf or anyone using detect invisible, true seeing, and similar magicks (including identify) will reveal complicated dwarven runes which effectively are a user manual listing the various dwarven activation words for the different effects (12 in all). One effect may be learnt per minute if the user is familiar with both the spoken and written dwarven language (comprehend languages is not enough), otherwise only one effect per hour may be learnt (roll 1d12, re-rolling effects already known):

d12 Trigger learnt
1 1d8 cure
2 1d8 cause
3 2d8 cure
4 2d8 cause
5 3d8 cure
6 3d8 cause
7 cure deafness
8 cause deafness
9 cure blindness
10 cause blindness
11 cure disease
12 cause disease

When used in combat, the user activates the desired effect and rolls to-hit (modifications Vs armour are recommended for this). Outside of combat it is assumed that the cure effects are desired by the target and need no save. The “cause” effects allow a saving throw if the target is otherwise unsuspecting. If the save (vs death) is made, then the user may still make a to-hit roll. Attempting to cure a target who is engaged in combat requires a to-hit roll and the risk of wasting charges. The holder can always use cures on themselves without any roll to-hit.

The cane can be used by clerics (inc. druids) and magic users. Charging must be performed by a magic user or a dwarven cleric.

G.p. value: 30,000 X.p. value: 8,000

1.3.2 Other Items

  • Amulet of proof against detection or location.
  • Boots of pass without trace (8,000gp, 1,500xp).
  • Items not normally used/carried on missions outside of Jerimiah’s homeland:
    • Full Plate +2
    • Medium shield +2
    • Hammer, +3.

The armour and shield declare in runes visible under the same conditions as the runes on the cane that the wearer is the Jerimiah Stonecrack, High Priest of the Lawful Elemental Power of Earth and acts as a symbol of fear to any non-dwarf who reads them. These runes will disappear if the armour is ever worn by a non-dwarf (the armour will adjust to fit as small as a gnome or halfling, or a short elf or human female or very short human male).

2 Psionics

2.1 Body Weaponry at 11th level (1pt/rnd)

AC 1, longsword +1; CL 8, d8+1/d12+1.

2.2 Expansion at 11th level (5pt/rnd)

14’ 9“ tall. CL 5, d8+11/d12+11. Can be combined with above to give CL8, d8+12/d12+12.

2.3 Molecular Agitation at 11th level (1pt/rnd)

Effects felt after 1 round of concentration.

3 Diamond Dwarves

The diamond dwarves are dwarven clerics who have psionic abilities and have risen to High Priest level (9th) - a level not normally available to dwarven clerics but which is possible via various methods, the easiest one of which is living long enough to attain a wisdom ability score of 19. Any dwarven cleric with psionic abilities is given a title as a gem dwarf as follows:

Level Title
9+ Diamond
8 Sapphire
7 Ruby
6 Emerald
5 Topaz
4 Amethyst
3 Opal
3 Quartz
1 Turquoise

Diamond dwarves are likely to be invited to join the Cabal if they are Neutral.