Sunday 10 June 2012

Magic Wands

Archmage Sooty
doesn't need verbal
The generic magic wand comes in several variations:

The Cantrip Wand
This allows the casting of any cantrip the magic user or illusionist knows without need for memorization. If there is a verbal component then it must still be used. casting times are unaffected but of course the cantrip can not be interrupted.

(M, I), 5000gp/1500xp

The Verbal Wand
This allows the casting of any spell the user has memorized but without the need of a verbal component.

(M, I, D), 10000gp/2000xp

The Material Wand
Allows the casting of any currently memorized spell without the need for a material component. Each use expends one charge per level of the spell cast.

(M, I) 14000gp/4000xp

The Magic Wand
Combines the Cantrip, Verbal, and Material wands so that spell casting becomes a case of simply waving the wand appropriately. If the wand is used to replace a material component then it will expend one charge per level of the spell cast.

(M, I) 40,000gp/5000xp

All these wands are rechargeable and will be found with 1d20+80 charges.

These wands represent a different type of magic from the Vancian casting of AD&D and if used widely they will change the nature of the gameworld, so think about it before placing even the cantrip wand. I've set the values quite high, but even so they may be a bit low given the impact they might make on a campaign.

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  1. Dude, the magic words for Sooty are "Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!"