Saturday 28 May 2022

D&DG Worshippers 6: Cultists

Cthulhu Mythos Worshippers

This is a tricky one. Deities and Demigods treats the various beings of the Mythos as monsters. Very few of them have specific class levels, which means that the method of using those levels to assign a probability that someone of that class worships a specific deity is a little questionable. However, the classes which are not represented are: Rangers, Paladins, Thieves, Monks, and Bards. Of these the only two that seem problematic are Monk and Thief; no one was expecting a Paladin to worship any of thise lot anyway!

Thieves can be rationalised, I think, in that they simply do not see anything very positive for themselves in the long-term goals of Cthulhu and Co. The end of all things is not very appealing to the person who loves shiney stuff.

Monks are harder. I personally absolutely can see Evil monk cultists but AD&D's decicision that monks must be Lawful rules out this most Chaotic of pantheons. One way around this might be Nyarlathotep masquerading as the head of some LE order who are unaware of the true nature of their "Master". Anyway, here's the table:

Encounter Cleric Druid Fighter Magic-user Illusionist Assassin
Cthulhu     1-13 1-20    
Azathoth     14-27      
Cthuga 1-55 1-71 28-40 21-50 1-38  
Hastur     41-53 51-72 39-68  
Ithaqua 56-78   54-63   69-83  
Nyarlathotep 79-100 72-100 64-73 73-85 84-100 1-100
Shub-Niggurath     74-87      
Yog-Sothoth     88-100 86-100    

I thought I'd also throw in the pivoted table for Nyarlathotep showing the chance that a worshiper of that being is any given class, since he is the being most likely to be incountered in a non-combat situation:

Class d%
Cleric 1-15
Druid 16-30
Fighter 31-49
Magic-user 50-65
Illusionist 66-81
Assassin 82-100

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