Saturday 17 September 2022

More IV

I still love method IV and the little webpage I mention in that other article has had some success/praise and quite a lot of usage from other people who like a bit of ivy. I thought I'd move the utility up to this site instead of running it at home. So here it is, complete with a new feature: you can ask for sets that qualify by race instead of class. Enjoy and let me know if there's any bugs

Update 2024: Geoffrey McKinney asked if I could add an option to not filter out scores which don't qualify for any class (or race if using that). So here it is. If you select "two 15s" it will still make sure the results have two 15s or better, but the character may still not qualify for anything due to a very low score or two.

Note that I still use the OD&D order for ability scores.

Qualify by: Race
Two 15s:
Raw scores:

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